Easy to Believe

For those of you who fell for my April Fools joke, don't feel bad. Last night I was reading a blog entry that I wrote in late September 2006 when Annabelle was the same age that Corgan is now (7.5 months) and she WAS actually taking steps then! She wasn't walking, but she was "cruising" on the couch and could pull herself up to standing, so... technically she could have done what I claimed Corgan did (she stands, I scream, she gets scared and lets go, she stumbles a couple of steps by accident). It's so funny that already the kids have such a difference in their milestones that something that would have been totally believable with Annabelle was unbelievable enough with Corgan that people actually caught on that it was a joke. :) In fact, when Annabelle was a week short of 6 months, she had already been crawling all over, and Corgan is just now getting the hang of army crawling and starting to get up on his knees, but not yet using his knees to propel himself.

I tell myself all the time that I shouldn't compare them, and usually I don't really. I just like to go back and read about what Belle was doing and how I was feeling when she was his age. I wonder what things each of them will really excel at. Will Corgan be a "think before you jump" kinda kid while Annabelle is a "jump first- think later" kinda girl? Or will he end up having his sister's crazy personality? Of course you always hear that boys develop slower than girls, but I wonder will he? Probably so, but will it be more related to his being a boy, his personality, or the fact that he's a second child? It's crazy that you can kinda know how those factors will or should affect a child, but you can never really know which one has the most influence because each child is different and each environment and circumstance is different.

Regardless of how any of my babies develops, I'll love them each more than they'll ever know and I'll be proud of everything that they do no matter when, how, or if they do it!

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Our kids our opposites so I think it will be great fun to compare. Zach was much slower at all of the milestones than Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is 6 months and is doing a crawling like thing. It is more like lunging but very close. Zachary didn't start crawling until he was 10 months old. I think it is a boy/girl thing but if it is a birth order thing we have the opposite results :-)