Bicycle Built for Three

Last weekend, Corgan went on his first bike ride.  He didn't seem thrilled with it, but we all had fun anyway.  Like his sister in the beginning, he was NOT thrilled with the helmet.  I can't say that I blame him... even though the helmet was an infant size and he seems to have a nice-sized round noggin, the helmet was still huge on him.  It still looks super-adorable though. :)
I already had the seat on the front part of my bike for Annabelle, but I recently added the seat on the back too so that I can take both kids out riding.  The plan is to ultimately take Belle to school this way so that I can get some regular exercise in.  The school is only about 5 miles round-trip, but with 50 extra pounds and compared to the exercise that I get now, that's not too bad.  We also need to get an extra rack for Keith's bike so that when we all go riding as a family, he can ride with the back seat on his bike instead of me having both of them.
Check out my sweet ride, my bicycle built for three. :)


Anonymous said...

Cute! All you can see is Corgan's helmet...too funny!


ljkolumbus said...

Hard to see Corgan 'hiding' in the back :) Grammy promises that she will NEVER take them for a bike ride .. family will understand :)

Kelly Albert said...

That is freaking precious. Get Keith's bike set up so when Kelson and I come next month we can do bike ride with you guys. Its been a long time since I've been on a bike, but I think I can manage ;) Guess I need to invest in a helmet for my baby girl too.