Start 'Em Young

Since Belle could crawl she has been after my camera, and today I decided that it's already on it's last leg (my old digital camera, not the good one) and she's probably old enough to really use it, so I let her try it.  I have to say, her young skills impressed me. :)  She seems to understand framing her subject, but has a hard time taking the picture that she'd like because it's hard for her to hold down the button for a long time so she ends up using both hands which messes up her picture.  Regardless, she is enjoying taking pictures, so I guess I'll be teaching her the "rule of thirds" as soon as she gets the strength to hold down the button with one hand.
Enjoy the pictures of and taken by my young photog!  Note: None of the pictures have been post-processed, and I'm pretty darn impressed with her framing of some.


ljkolumbus said...

Tell Belle that Grammy and Papa are very proud of her photographic skills! Looks like she got that gene from her Mama!! Can't believe those pictures were taken by a two year old!! What a girl!
We have so much to be proud!

Kelly Albert said...

Easy to believe since her mommy is so good at it! Gonna follow in your footsteps! She did great!