Commercial Comments

It's funny that with how much I use my DVRs and how rarely I watch live shows, I seem to write about commercials more often than I would've thought (if I remember correctly, there's a semi-long comment about commercials from me on Erica's blog too, but I can't find it right now). Anyway, the latest commercials that have captured my attention (which, I guess, means they're working) are:
  • A commercial for paper plates (Dixie maybe?).  Being on a "green" kick, it annoys me that they're advertising anti-green-ness in a world where everything seems to be going in the green direction, but what REALLY annoys me is when one of the "moms" says something like "I will no longer be defined by the number of dishes I wash."  Really?  Do people really define other people by the number of dishes they wash?  Personally, I don't think I've ever referred my friends as "100-dishes-per-week Nikki" or "10-dishes-per-day Erica".  That's just a dumb thing to have in a commercial in my opinion.
  • I LOVE the Orbit gum "Dirty Mouth" commercials, specifically the ones where they are saying non-sense bad things about one another.  I love non-sense talk, so this cracks me up.  I love the creative insults that they come up with.
  • I can't stand the phone commercial (Sprint maybe?) where the guy is pretending to be in labor and on the way to the hospital to show that their network is "prepared".  Even in movies when they have those "in labor rushing to the hospital but I'm stuck in traffic" scenes, I don't like them.  But having a guy fake it... to me it's just disturbing.
Any commercials that currently stick out in your mind?


Erica Lynn said...

I saw a commercial for IKEA last night that actually made me LOL .. it had a mom calling a son to dinner at 3 different ages .. the first 2 when he was a kid he came right when she called .. the last one he was a teenager and responded with YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE! .. it was hilarious. I tried to find it on you tube, but surprisingly there are TONS of IKEA ads on there .. apparently alot of them were 'banned' .. who would've thought IKEA was so controversial :)

Angelle said...

I love the commercials, mostly because of the catchy music. I also like the "Messin' with Sasquatch" ones that are for beef jerky. said...

my ult fav is the cadillac cts commercial... where the woman says 'when u turn ur car on, does it return the favour?' serious wow. also love ALL the target commercials... they are very creative.