Things that Suck

Although I'm very happy with my life, I think it takes noticing the things that suck to appreciate the things that don't suck. So, here's my list of some of the things that suck.

  • When you just want to take a quick nap, but as soon as one kid falls asleep, the other one wakes up
  • When the dog barks at the delivery guy and wakes up the baby
  • Spilling babyfood on your freshly steam-cleaned carpet
  • Progress, when you just want things to stay the way that they are
  • Long overdue construction
  • Pre-baby friends who seem to think that just because you have children now you no longer have anything to offer them
  • Missing out on adult time
  • When the TiVo doesn't change channels correctly, so you sit down to watch a show and it isn't really there.
  • Whining (haha... is that ironic given the nature of this post?)
  • When it's been a REALLY long day and you've been watching the clock waiting for your husband to come home, but the time just keeps tickin' away
  • Not having a regular babysitter
  • Getting in the wrong checkout line at the grocery store... especially when you are accompanied by kids who are ready for a nap
  • Trying to save money only to have a property tax or homeowners insurance bill arrive
  • Not having enough room for guests
  • Doing dishes
  • Having to close the windows because it's getting too warm
  • A fridge/freezer that just keeps breaking
  • Having the desire to get in shape, but not the willpower
I'm sure I could go on, but all of these things are just a part of life.  Some of the things on my list may seem petty (and they are), but it doesn't mean that they don't suck just the same.  That said, I'm so thankful for all of the things in my life that don't suck like having a husband who loves our family, kids who make me laugh and fill with pride all of the time, friends who are so much fun to be around and who seem to always be doing things for me to make me smile, a steady income (via Keith, of course), a close family despite the many miles between us, a house that I love (and will love even more in a few months), land to grow on, someone to help with housework, and an end to the writer's strike. :)


Kelly Albert said...

I can relate to some of those- and add a few of my own! So when do you want Kelson and I to come visit? I know Allegiant is about to end the cheap flights, so maybe we can come down for a weekend- SOON. Wada think? Maybe mom can come too.

Nikki said...

I love this post. Can I add one of my own? When you wake up at 7:30 and realize your daughter finally ended the week-long pattern of waking you up in the middle of the night to go potty (yay! an ENTIRE night of sleep!) only to realize she wet the bed. Sigh.

ljkolumbus said...

Kelly still has one Delta pass HSV to MCO) that is already paid for and so do I.. I think a long weekend trip to visit would be so much fun!! Lets work on it. Of course, I will be there with you already the first couple weeks of June if she wants to join us then :)

Chelsi said...

I can definitely relate to some of these, too. Especially the babysitter is very hard to not have family close by...

I have one to add, too! How about when you are sick and are woken up early by your teething baby. You are still groggy while changing his diapers only to have him pee all over your pajamas while in the process. What a way to start a morning :(

Angelle said...

I want to play, I want to play! How 'bout this: when you are on an overnight trip and your child pees through the last outfit you brought for them... and you are in podunk nowhere with no stores?

Even though you are happy with you r life, these things that suck must have piled up this week. Hope the light at the end of the tunnel is bright!

Keith Donald said...

Yeah, these look familiar. Awwwww... the work I have been doing lately sucks!

I hate it when the Tivo just changes the channel on you, like it thinks its smarter than you or something.

One suggestion: what about the cats running through house like horses while we're sleeping? :-)

I guess we should add "Xango" to the list of spills after last night :-)

Anonymous said...

yah! she loves 'the someone to help with housework' yah! from guess who?

Christina said...

Wow...I can relate to these also especially the dog barks. Sometimes I want to kill my animals.

It is tax season so I have a whole bunch of these now. I'll post when a get a chance.

Mirdonamy said...

I think you have a million and one things to offer... and even though you live so far away, you still inspire me every day! Hey, that rhymed! :)