My 2012 Goals

I realize that I'm a week late posting my goals for 2012, but I wanted to take a little time to really think about what I wanted to do this year. I made a list of goals for 2009, and it was a great success because I accomplished every one of the goals that year. In 2010, I created another list, and although I didn't accomplish all of the goals, I was able to check off quite a few. :) The goals that I did check off include getting lasik (in July 2010), part of "be in super duper shape" (I completed the Pineappleman Triathlon in 1:43:05 and the Art Festival 5K in 25:53- beating my record of 26:20 from 2009), was VERY active with Nana's House (including collecting items for fundraisers, helping Annabelle to raise $1200 in the walk-a-thon, producing promotional materials for fundraisers, giving presentations, getting them on facebook, and more), I visited a new U.S. State (Utah- February for a Ski Trip and a day of touring Salt Lake City), I saw "Wicked" (with Carla Ely during our trip to NYC in the fall and we splurged for 6th row seats), Keith and I took an "alone" trip as a 7th Anniversary cruise in the Caribbean, hopefully Annabelle and Corgan would agree that I was the best mom that I could be, and my most significant accomplishment was becoming pregnant with Juliet in October!  Some of the goals that I wasn't able to check off, will now appear on my 2012 list (I missed making one in 2011).

So, without further ado, here is my official list of...
  • Donate to Locks of Love
    • Yes, it's 2 years later, and my hair is just NOW finally long enough to donate without leaving myself with a super-short hair cut.  Look for the new shorter "do" to be coming very soon!
  • Finish Filling the Empty Picture Frames in My House
    • During my period of bedrest in June 2011, I managed to fill most of the frames, but a few were left empty to fill them once Juliet was born and some where I just couldn't decide on the right picture.
  • Continue to Make Contributions to Help People in My Community and Beyond
  • Grow Spiritually
    • Regular Prayer/Devotional Time Daily
    • Become Active at our church (Grace Church Melbourne), including attending services and catching up on missed services online and helping out where needed
    • Read books on having a relationship with Jesus and watch tv shows that educate me on the history of the Bible
  • Support Keith with Pastime, his new creative/entrepreneurship venture!
  • Help Annabelle to grow in her interests
    • Teach her to ride a bike
    • Do a few races (running and/or kid triathlons) with her
    • Teach her at least 50 words in French
    • Finish her "Fairy Forest" and work with her on redecorating her handmade doll house
  • Help Corgan to grow as a young man
    • Keep working on his math skills as long as he's interested
    • Take him out on at least 3 "dates" to teach him all about being a gentleman
    • Help Corgan to become more independent in getting himself ready to leave the house
  • Help Juliet to grow into toddlerhood
    • Teach her sign language
    • Give her all of the love (and more) that a baby needs!
  • Help my marriage to grow
    • Go on a getaway with ONLY Keith (no kids and no other friends/family)
    • Make plans for a date night at least once a month
    • Read at least one book on getting the most out of our marriage
  • Be a "Fit" Version of Me!
    • I may have a hard time breaking my records in both the Art Festival 5K and the Pineappleman Triathlon this year, but I intend to give it my all!  My fitness goals are:
      • To once again break 26 minutes in a 5K race (this was a "life goal" that I met in 2009)
      • Finish the Pineappleman Triathlon in 1:42 or better and to complete at least one more sprint triathlon
      • Have a respectable time in a 10K race
      • Do something "active" an average of 4 times per week throughout the year
      • Run a mile in under 7:30
  • Get through Level 1 of Rosetta Stone French
  • Complete a "366" (not "365" since it's leap year) Photo Project for 2012
  • FINALLY complete the Media Room!

Here's to a successful 2012!

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Kelly Albert said...

Those are AWESOME goals and I have no doubt that you will accomlish them all. I LOVE the one about teaching Corgan to be a gentleman- gotta start em young :) LOL! I'm glad to see that you added some "YOU" time to that list too! I plan to make a list as well- what a great idea. I REALLY am interested in attending Asbury church together as a family- that's a MUST do! Love you sis. Cheers to a wonderful and successful 2012.
PS- you know Jason can help with selecing the BEST media room stuff-he's been researching for years :)