Lunch Date with My Corgan

On Our Lunch Date
This morning I dropped Juliet off with my mom and I got to go with Corgan's class on their field trip.  The field trip went late enough that he missed lunchtime at school, so I decided to take the free time before we had to pick up Annabelle to go on a Lunch Date with my boy!
When I asked Corgan where he wanted to go on our date, his first answer was Chick-fil-A.  I told him I wanted to go on a real date so we needed to go somewhere fancier than Chick-fil-A, a real restaurant.  He said "Okay... Can we go somewhere with smoothies for dessert?"  So we went to Longhorns. :)
On the way there, I prepped Corgan with how a gentleman should act on a date.  I told him he should open doors for me, hold my hand, be sweet, order for himself, and that I'd even let him pay (with my money, of course).  He was excited to try it!
When we got there, Corgan immediately grabbed my hand to hold it crossing the parking lot, then when we were safely out of the street, he ran ahead of open the door for me.  I thanked him as I entered the doors.  When we sat down, we immediately looked at the menus so he would know what he wanted to order.  When the waiter came to take our orders, Corgan proudly asked for "Chicken fingers and broccoli, please" but he kept his eyes down when he said it.  I told him to say it again and look at the waiter, and he happily did it.  During the meal, he was sweet and offered me his oranges ("You can have my oranges because I know you like them."), talked to me about his field trip, and we played some of the games on his menu.  The only "gentleman" thing he wouldn't do is sit down and put his napkin on his lap ("I'm not going to spill anything, Mommy.").  He was a wonderful date!
On the way out, I accidentally started to open the door for myself.  He gave me a big "Mommy!" and I stepped back and closed the door when I realized what I'd done.  He then held the door for me, and even held it for someone else to come inside (without me asking) before he closed it.  Then, he held my hand on the way back out to the car, and the cherry on top was that he ran to open my car door for me!  I never even mentioned the car door!
I can't wait to see what a little gentleman my little guy is going to be, and I'm so thankful to our pastor, Nicole Olinski, for this idea!  I'm going to have no problem exceeding my "dates with Corgan" goal!


Kelly Albert said...

OMG- this is soooo stinkin cute! Love it! So is Keith gonna take Annabelle out and tell her to be on time for her dates, only give kisses when its acceptable, and to always let the man pay :) LOL!

Anonymous said...

That's great! We have been doing that with our kiddos for awhile. It is one of my top priorities especially for Shelby. Rob also makes sure they see him do special things for me, and putting me first. In my profession, I see so...many girls that have low self esteem or think they aren't worth being treated well. The majority of them have no father figure or a father that was abusive to them or their mothers. They really do take in all they see modeled in the home :)