Still a Sneaky Sister

Over a year and a half ago, I posted about Annabelle being a Sneaky Sister and nearly pulling one over on Corgan. Apparently she has been sharpening her Sneaky Sister Skills because she got him good today... and he still doesn't even know it!

Yesterday afternoon, the kids had been playing with a pile of small characters at the end of the hallway. Because we had so much going on yesterday evening, the toys never got put away. This afternoon, I told them they needed to clean it up before getting ready for bed... and threw in that they needed to put away a game that was in the living room too. The game was already in the box and just needed to be put on the shelf in the playroom, but the characters were all over and needed to be collected and put away. Corgan, being the good boy that he is, went back to start putting away the characters while Annabelle picked up the game. She then started slowly walking down the hall toward the playroom with the game in her hands and said "Corgan, I bet you can't put all of that away before I put this game away!" He promptly accepted the challenge by hurriedly putting the characters into their container while she took her time taking steps toward the playroom closet. In the end, he ended up cleaning it all up while she just put the game on the shelf.

I briefly thought about calling her out on her trick, but then I instantly recalled doing the same sort of thing to my little sister while growing up. While it probably wasn't fair, I think she's actually learning some valuable skills through this manipulation, so I kept my mouth shut. He'll catch on eventually... right?

P.S. Knowing that Corgan has already learned some of these sneakiness skills too, poor Juliet doesn't stand a chance! ;)

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