Juliet at 8 Weeks Old

Today was Juliet's 8 week appointment. The checkup went really well, as expected. She is up to 10 lbs 12.25 oz and is 22.25" long. She was previously measuring in the 25th percentile, but she's now in the 50th. The doctor checked out her right foot and said that it looks like it is healing well and he doesn't expect that we'll have to do anything to fix it in the future. It still isn't exactly where it should be, but is getting there and he said that the lack of resistance when he puts it into the proper position is a good sign. Juliet also got another shot and oral vaccination today. The shot means that she's now medically okayed to get her ears pierced, so expect to see that happening very soon!

Since I had my camera out at the appointment, I snapped a few pictures of Juliet during the nurse and doctor's visit. When I got home and saw one of the pictures that I took, I immediately thought of a picture of Annabelle making the same face when she was an infant! While Juliet definitely has her own distinct look different from the other two kiddos, she TOTALLY looks like Annabelle did as a baby when she's sleeping and when she cries... as seen here:

They couldn't look more alike to me! I'm sure Juliet will grow up to be a beauty, just like her Big Sister Annabelle!

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