Sweet Brother

Today when I got home from picking up the kids, Juliet was sleeping in her car seat so I put the seat in her bedroom and turned on the monitor to listen in for her to wake up. The big kids and I went upstairs to do some things while she slept. When Juliet woke up, I was working on something with Annabelle so I was letting her cry for a little bit when all of the sudden I heard Corgan's voice over the monitor. He had gone into Juliet's room and was singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to her to get her to calm down. Even with the crying, the combination of the crying and hearing Corgan singing so sweetly to his baby sister was such a sweet sound! I almost didn't want to go get her to stop the crying!

I can't get over how much both Corgan and Annabelle absolutely adore their baby sister! I keep waiting for some kind of jealousy to surface, but the only jealousy has been one of them being jealous of the other for getting to sit next to or touch or kiss or hold their little Juliet! I LOVE it!


Angelle said...

That is really a sweet story. Remember that one to tell his wife someday.

Kelly Albert said...

that's the sweetest story! Singing to soothe his baby sister... so stinkin sweet! What a great memory. I can't wait to see you all next week!