The Perfect Lunch

Today after church, we had one of the most enjoyable family meals out ever!

Juliet was a little sleeping angel the whole time and the big kids not only behaved, but they actually ate their meals without being threatened. :) Corgan even tried something new (bbq turkey) and ate it all! Both of the big kids enjoyed working on their kids' menu activities (word searches, reading jokes, a maze, tic-tac-toe, etc.), and we had some great family discussions. Corgan told us that when he grows up, he wants to make movies and video games. Annabelle said that she wants to teach part time (on "Wednesdays, Fridays, and Thursdays") and run a flower shop on the other days. Annabelle told us about a dream that she had last night where a sun flower in our yard grew so big that it went "all the way up to God's castle"! She also said "You know why I like to sleep in so much? I really wake up early, but I like to finish seeing my dreams so I go back to sleep to finish them." I love it! Annabelle told us that "God is everywhere, even in your heart!" (I assume they talked about that at church today.) She was also proud of herself for answering 3 questions first/right at Sunday School. We all had a discussion about boys vs. girls... Daddy and Corgan gave us reasons that it's better to be a boy and Annabelle and I came up with things that girls can do that boys can't. It was a fun conversation. Watching Corgan work on the menu activities just reminded me that Corgan continues to impress me with his ability to do things that keep up with Annabelle from a learning perspective. The boy just loves to learn, and I love to see it!

Just wanted to record this truly memorable lunch and conversation so that I don't forget the adorable things that my five-and-a-half year old and nearly four year old said/did! And also, that there are times that we can take them out of the house and actually have strangers comment on what a well behaved and adorable family we have (because sometimes it seems like their energy overwhelms them when we're doing something calm like having a meal and I feel like I have a couple of little crazies on my hands)! But not today!

I love my family!

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