Sneaky Sister

Just now Corgan was playin' on Daddy's iPhone (imagine that!), and Annabelle was patiently watching him play.

Annabelle (in a super-sweet voice): Corgan, you're so good at puzzles. Can you do that one (pointing to a puzzle on the table right next to them) all by yourself?
Corgan: Yeah.
Annabelle: Why don't you show me how good you can do it right now?!
Corgan: Okay! (getting down to go do the puzzle)
Annabelle: Hand me the iPhone so you can do it!
Corgan: (realizing that he'd just been dooped) No. I not do puzzle right now.

What a sneaky sister Corgan has! Her trick almost worked!


Angelle said...

That is awesome! She is sure smart, and so is he for figuring it out.

Christina said...

That is hillarious!