Busy Days!

No wonder my house has been a wreck lately! I just started listing in my head all of the big projects that I have going on right now.
  • Buying a new house. (Don't freak out... it's an investment property that we'll be renting to my parents. Still... there was plenty of work to find the right house and get the deal closed.)
  • Decorating above-mentioned house. (Picking out new carpets, tile, door hardware, etc. Helping with painting, cleaning, moving, etc. Fortunately, the house really doesn't need a lot of work, but any house is going to need some work when it gets a new owner... and this one is no exception)
  • Triathlon/10K/5K training and healthier-eating plan.
  • Planning Annabelle's Birthday Party. (I know this shouldn't be a huge one, but I tend to make parties out to be MUCH more work than they should be. I enjoy it though, so it's isn't "work" to me!)
  • Doing Nana's House Volunteer Work. (Attending weekly meetings, working on their graphics needs, volunteering at events, assisting with planning their big fundraiser for the year which happens in April this year.)
  • Planning a trip to Europe in March.
  • Planning a trip to Europe in May.
  • Planning a trip to L.A. to see my cousin play LAX. :)
  • Planning (on a smaller scale) a ski trip in February, a Disney trip or two in the late spring/early summer, and a possible 3rd trip to Europe in the summer.
I'm sure there's something else I'm forgetting, but I'll probably remember it at about 3 in the morning while dreaming about everything that I need to get done! :)


Angelle said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of trips to Europe! I love being busy too. It makes life interesting.

Chelsi said...

Wow - you are the most jetsetting SAHM I know!

nicole4fldu@gmail.com said...

it's not a wreck. it's organized chaos. MWAH!

Anonymous said...

I think I could deal with being SO...busy planning trips to Europe and buying and decorating a house :) Sounds like fun!!!

Rhiannon said...

I love decorating houses!! That sounds like fun to be able to pick everything out!

I was excited that I filled out my passport application and then I see you planning 3 trips to Europe! Where are you going to go?? We were wanting to plan a Caribbean trip in the summer for our 10 year anniversary.