Bed Rest Days and Nights

I have felt so well taken care of and loved these past few days! Everyone is taking such good care of me! I've been spending most of the time in my bed with my laptop on my lap (or beside me, depending on my position) watching LOTS of tv/movies. Keith has been great about bringing me meals, snacks, water, or anything else that I need. My parents have been constantly on call when they aren't already watching the kids. They have been running errands for us, picking up movies, etc. I first went on bed rest last Thursday, and on Friday, Annabelle went to spend the afternoon at the pool with her friends so I got to have special "Mommy/Corgan" time. Corgan was my "bed rest helper" that afternoon and enjoyed running upstairs to grab snacks for us. We spent the afternoon "resting" while he filled out his Big Brother book, picked out pictures for his Disney Autograph photo album, and we watched Toy Story 3. Saturday morning, I had to miss out the kids' softball end-of-the-year ceremony. I had originally planned on going out there and just sitting in a chair and watching all of the activities, but I had been feeling some mild contractions on Friday so I decided to stay home. But, Saturday afternoon I got to go "rest" on the Konickis' sofa while the Stewarts visited too. It felt good to get out of the house! And, of course, I was well taken care of there too. :) Sunday, after sleeping for nearly 12 hours straight (aside from the regular visits to the bathroom overnight too empty my bladder), I actually parked myself on the sofa upstairs for the afternoon so that I could do some picture organizing on my iMac. I finally got all of my pictures through December 2010 (all 20K+ of them) organized, edited, and selected some to print! That's been on my to-do list for a LONG time! This afternoon, I spent a few hours with Annabelle working on her "Big Sister" book and we started on a "Mommy & Me" book that I got her for her birthday that is about both of us and our relationship.

Yesterday afternoon, the owner of the kids' school called to tell me that she was planning to bring us dinner, and that a few more people would be doing the same throughout the week! Then tonight, Nikki brought over a yummy taco dinner. As a bonus, Nicole made a special trip over to do some 'Cole-straightening up around the house.

One of the first things that I did on Friday was to go through my DirecTV guide and set all of the "AFI's Top 100 Movies" that I could find to record. One of my life goals is to watch all of the movies on that list, and I have about 39 to go. Mom went to the library to get "Dr. Zhivago" for me (also on that list), and I subscribed to NetFlix so I can get some other movies to occupy my time. I've also finally started watching my "Party of Five" dvds that I've had for years! So far I'm all of the way through Season 1 (all 22 episodes) and have begun Season 2.

On the computer, I've been organizing pictures (both on my iMac, as mentioned above, and on my MacBook) and have printed hundreds in anticipation of actually putting pictures in frames once all of the pictures are organized and edited. I've also started planning for Corgan & Erin's shared birthday party (in August), caught up on some bills/paperwork, and gotten everything backed up on both computers.

Perhaps my favorite part of bed rest has been the new bed time routine that I've been sharing with the kids. They come in and lay down with me, lights out & tv off, and we go through their regular routine, except it's in my bed. They both curl up on either side of me, say their prayers, say what we're thankful for that day, maybe talk about the rest of the day for a minute, then I scratch them both while they drift off to sleep. It usually only takes about 10-15 minutes before they're both out, but it's such a peaceful 10-15 minutes that a couple of times I've drifted off too... even if it's only 8pm! I love this sweet time with my kiddos... all 3 of them!

My second favorite part of the bed rest has been that I'm sitting still long enough that I notice Baby Donald 3.0 moving around so much more. I'm getting to know her routines, noticing her hiccups, able to guess her positions, and even watch (what I assume to be) her "breathing" as I see my tummy going up and down in one little area that looks like a chest rising and falling with each breath for long periods of time. It's funny to see that "breathing" combined with hiccups too. I've gotten a couple of videos of it, and even have taken a couple of pictures of my lop-sided tummy when she decides to setup camp on one side or the other.

Here are a few pictures that I've captured from my bed during bed rest...

Coz keeping me company as I watch "Party of Five".

Corgan proudly showing off his "Big Brother" book. I'm really looking forward to filling these out with Annabelle and Corgan as the baby grows up!

My lop-sided belly from my point of view!

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