Bed Rest- Take 3

The day that I expected is now here... I'm on bed rest again. I got put on bed rest with both Annabelle and Corgan too, so I was fully expecting this. I believe I'm a tad bit earlier this time around (35 weeks tomorrow), and although I'm at 1 cm dilated (just like with the other two), he has never mentioned effacement before and I'm 90% effaced already. To top it off, my doctor is the only OB in his practice so he is in an on-call rotation with about 5 other doctors, and he's leaving to go on vacation all of next week. I definitely don't want another doctor delivering her (or handling any other emergency), so I better be on my best behavior!

As I mentioned, I was expecting this so I was telling Annabelle that this might happen last night when she was going to bed. I told her that I might have to stay in bed for a long time to keep the baby healthy, and she immediately came up with the idea to put her "Shhh... Princess Sleeping Inside" sign on my door. Then today when she got home from school and found out that I was definitely going to be on bed rest, she came downstairs and put the sign on my bedroom door. Such a sweetie! Mom pointed out that maybe she was using the sign to subliminally get us to pick the name "Aurora" since Princess Aurora is the "princess" sleeping "inside". If that's truly her agenda, Annabelle is even smarter than I gave her credit for!

For the rest of the day, the kids hung out with Papa, then came home and Daddy got them ready for bed. Once they were ready to go to bed, Annabelle wanted to go to bed with me so I agreed to let the kids fall asleep in my bed. Each one of them was curled up on either side of me while they said their prayers, thanked God for their favorite things today, then told me a little more about their days. Corgan kept rubbing my tummy and telling me that he was "petting baby". He decided that she's trying to come out early because she wants to come out and play with them. I love getting Annabelle and Corgan's perspective on all things baby-related!

Each of the kids fell asleep within about 15 minutes, and it was such a peaceful moment to have each of them cradled on each shoulder while baby gave me a little kick every once in a while. A Mommy could get used to that. :)

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