Comparing My Pregnancies

This pregnancy has been very different from my other two... at least the last couple of months of it has. With Annabelle, my feet grew 2+ shoe sizes. With the first two, I seemed to have swelled up A LOT starting around the 7th month. With the first two, I had carpal tunnel so bad that I had to wear wrist braces to sleep in starting around the 7th month. I could only sleep comfortably with about 6 pillows surrounding my entire body. My boobs went from 36B to 42E! Looking back at pictures of me from as early as 7 months, I looked like a totally different person (complete with full-on "pregnancy nose"). I snored pretty much every time I fell asleep. My fingers swelled so much that I had to take off my wedding and engagement rings very early in the pregnancy. But with Baby Donald 3.0, I haven't experienced much of that at all. I've had a couple of "snoring" episodes, but they seemed to be more related to having a little bit of a cold or allergies. My feet swell up if I'm on them a lot and shoes that were tight already didn't feel comfortable, but I can still fit in all of my regular shoes. I had to wear maternity pants (or at least very stretchy pants) fairly early on, but I still wear mostly non-maternity shirts that happen to be long and stretchy in the tummy area. I've only felt carpal tunnel when on my laptop on the sofa, but it goes away as soon as I stop. Boobs are definitely bigger, but not that much. I have been sleeping with more than one pillow lately, but don't have to be surrounded by them (and it's mostly to hold my stomach up when I'm sleeping on my side or to put behind my back on one side to keep me tilted when I'm laying on my back). My face is definitely rounder, but nothing like it was with the first two. Of course, when I checked into the hospital to have Corgan, I weighed about 15 pounds more than I do now. My rings (which I did get sized up after I lost my Corgan baby-weight and more and they still didn't fit me comfortably) got a little tight, but fit me the entire pregnancy. And the only thing that seems to have been worse this time around is back pains, but I think that's more of a result of my back being bad now than just pregnancy-related. The only other difference is that I've actually felt contractions before really going into labor this time... with the first two, I didn't feel them at all until after I was about 3 cm dilated.

Aside from the aches, pains, and swelling, the pregnancies have been similar. Babies all seemed to be average size from sonograms, consistent weight gain, wasn't forced to slow down much (until I was put on bed rest... again, with all 3 kids), etc. Annabelle was a surprise breach baby, so I will also have had c-sections with all 3.

Both Annabelle and Corgan were similar babies too (in sleeping habits, eating habits, not taking the bottle or pacifier, energy/strength, etc.), so I'm looking forward to seeing if Baby Donald 3.0 will be similar to her older sister and brother too, or her totally unique self! :)

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