Baby Donald 3.0 is kicking all of the time now! While I have loved having this little bond of being the only one to feel her moving for a few weeks now, I LOVE being able to share it with my kids and her Daddy even more. :) Keith first felt her kick a couple of weeks ago, but she generally kicks the most when I'm laying down and that doesn't happen often when the kids are around so it has taken a little while to catch a moment when they could feel it too.

Last Friday, I was sitting up and felt her kicking so I laid down on the couch and told Corgan to come over and he could feel her kicking. He excitedly came over and put his hand on my tummy. After just a few seconds, she kicked exactly where his hand was and he flinched with a surprised look on his face. It was so cute! But then not 2 seconds later, the first thing he said was "Can I have some milk, please?" So, although his initial reaction was adorable and fun, apparently it wasn't as impressive as I had hoped it would be for him. :)

Today the same sort of situation happened with Annabelle. I could feel baby girl kicking so I laid down on the couch and told Annabelle to come feel her. 3.0 immediately kicked her hand, and she smiled and said "I felt it!" She was excited, but not as excited as I thought she'd be. But then tonight when I was putting Annabelle to bed, after she said her prayers, I asked her what she was thankful for today (as is part of our nightly routine), and her answer was "Feeling the baby kick." Awe! So it WAS actually a bigger deal to her than she let on when it happened!

I think both of the kids will get a kick (pun intended) out of feeling the baby kick more and more as she grows and starts to move with more and more force. And me... although the kicking, punching, and turning over can be uncomfortable sometimes, I absolutely LOVE being able to feel my baby girl growing and getting stronger in my tummy!

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LynnMach said...

Thats cute - esp Corgan changing subjects just 2 seconds later. with me, it didn't really seem real til my baby was out of my body and I could really see her. So I can understand your kids reaction only holding for a few seconds :)