Sneaky Boy!

Yesterday when I went to pick Corgan up from school, his teacher said "I need to tell you about something I caught Corgan doing today." UH-OH! That's usually not a good thing to hear from the teacher!

She proceeded to tell me about how the kids were all doing a free-play type thing, and some of the kids were sitting at the table doing puzzles. She noticed Corgan walking up beside one of the puzzle-kids, watching the kid do the puzzle for a second, then he sneakily grabbed a piece of the puzzle off the table and walked away with it. He then went to a corner across the room and just dropped it there, thinking no one was watching. Then, he walked over to another puzzle-kid and did the exact same thing. Neither of the puzzle kids noticed what he had done.

After the second drop-off, when the teacher realized that he really knew what he was doing, she called him out on it and said "Corgan, you need to go put those puzzle pieces away." She said he immediately got that "Doh!" look on his face, then pouted as he took the puzzle pieces back!

His teacher was nice about it though... she was actually impressed with his sneakiness skills, but said she wonders how long he's be sabotaging the other kids and is going to be keeping a closer eye on him. I told her that Annabelle has been doing things like that that to him a lot lately-- trying to get him in trouble for things that she either instigated or doing something to cause him to get upset without getting caught herself.


While on one hand I'm proud of their creativity, these smarty-pants are driving a Mommy crazy! :)

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