Baby Girl Clothes are Impossible to Resist!

Although I know that our newest baby girl will have more clothes than she'll ever need, there are SO many adorable things out there for little girls to wear and I just can't resist buying even more! Besides, a girl needs outfits of her very own; right?

So... less than 24 hours after finding out that Baby Donald 3.0 is a girl, I purchased her first never-before-worn outfit. With all of the ribbon, animal print, and bright colors, it is SOOO southern!

With just a tiny bit more shopping (the next day maybe?), I had found my baby girl's "Coming Home" outfit! She'll be wearing this outfit on the day that she comes home from the hospital, and there's even a coordinating shirt for her Big Sister Annabelle to wear to match!

The whole outfit, down to the adorable little frilly shoes:

I realize she'll be coming home in the summer in Florida, but I just couldn't resist this precious, tiny sweater with it's beautiful bead button:

And here's Big Sister Annabelle's purple ruffled shirt that matches Little Sister's skirt:

I still need to find the perfect headwear to go with baby girl's outfit, but the rest of the outfit is SO perfect! I already have so much pink from Annabelle, so I'm trying to go with purple or other different bright colors for the new outfits that I buy for this little one. I'm sure some pink will sneak in there though. :)

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