Baby Donald 3.0 is a Girl!

Back on Annabelle's birthday (SO long ago on February 8th) we went for the big ultrasound where we find out the gender of Baby Donald 3.0! Baby was not cooperating at first and had legs crossed in her "baby pee pee" area so the sonographer was having a hard time determining the gender. Grammy, Papa, Annabelle, and Corgan waited so patiently in the waiting room (and by "patiently" I mean fighting, jumping off of chairs, getting in trouble, and even coughing hard enough to throw up a little in the hallway... so lots of fun for Grammy & Papa) along with our friends visiting from the U.K., Sally, Jenny, and Baby Daisy. When we were still not having any luck with the gender determination, the family finally got to come back to at least see what we were seeing.

At the VERY end of the sonogram, the lady checked one last time and was still unsure. She said if she "had to" guess, she'd say it was a girl, but that we'd probably have to wait until the 28 week sonogram to know for sure. At that time, the doctor walked in and immediately said "That looks like a girl to me!" The doctor has a very thick Spanish accent and his tone was kinda hard to read, so we couldn't tell how sure he was of that. At that point, the rest of the family left Keith and I (and Baby "Girl" Donald) in the room to discuss all of the results, and the doctor very briefly said that all of the tests looked great and baby seems to be very healthy with no birth defects that they could detect at that time, then proceeded to talk about how girls are so much better than boys for a good 5 minutes or so. At first, we thought he was going to just say that girls are healthier than boys in general or something along those lines, but it turned into a speech about how his wife is so much better than he is and how his two boys are also inferior to girls. It was very strange.

So... we left the exam room, but as I was paying the co-pay, Keith and I were discussing that neither of us could tell how sure he was about the gender, so I asked the lady at the desk to ask the doctor just how sure he was. She came back with an answer of "That was the best I could tell from the picture." I didn't know if that meant that it was a crappy picture and that was his best guess, or it was a good shot and it was definitely a girl! But, I didn't want to be the annoying patient, so I just took that answer as "It's a girl", and we left to announce to the world that Baby Donald 3.0 is a girl! By the way, Annabelle had been REALLY hoping for a sister (but "would still love the baby if it was a boy"), so she was thrilled to find out on her birthday that the baby is a girl!

Although we announced to everyone that Baby Donald 3.0 is a girl, we still had that doubt in the back of our minds. EVERYONE had been telling me that they thought we were going to have a boy, so that didn't help matters either. But the doubt didn't stop me from immediately shopping for both clothes and nursery items for our supposed baby girl, I have just been leaving tags on everything and making sure to hold on to the receipts.

A week or so later, I was realizing that I was really going to have a lot to return if we did indeed find out at the 28 week sonogram that Baby Donald 3.0 is a boy (and I was going to really regret buying unreturnable items off of etsy), so I did a little research and found what appeared to be a quality place to get a short 3d/4d sonogram for not too much money. We booked an appointment for this past weekend.

This time we decided to leave the kids at home and Keith and I went to the sonogram on our own. It only took about 2 seconds of looking for the sonographer to say "Yeap... looks like a girl to me too!" She had been doing baby sonograms for over 17 years, so between her experience and seeing the "baby girl pee pee" in 3d, we feel comfortable going full steam ahead with planning for baby GIRL Donald!

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