Worst Tantrum Ever!

Tonight, Corgan had THE WORST tantrum that either of my children has EVER had! He has been complaining about being "tired" the whole day (his own fault for waking up so early and for running the other way any time we even mentioned the word "nap"), but tonight I got tired to his whining and made him go to bed at around 6:30. He was in there screaming bloody murder on and off for at least 45 minutes. He tried to sneak out through the secret closet door into Annabelle's room, so we had to lock that from her side. He kept opening and slamming his door shut, each time throwing another item out of his room into the hallway. I finally locked his door (since we have those little bobby-pin type "keys" to open it), then I went back in to check on him and all of the blankets and pillow were off of his bed. His bed stuffed animals were across the room. His bedside table was knocked over. The blanket was thrown off of the chair that I usually sit in. The stuffed animals were all wiped off of the shelf and onto the floor. His night light was on the floor. And he was STILL screaming! After trying to go in and calm him down about 5 times (which didn't work at all), I finally just left the room with the door locked for a while. When the noise stopped about 20 minutes later, I went in to check on him and he was "in" his bed (and by "in", I mean under the fitted sheet which was still on the bed) and nothing else was on his bed (he usually sleeps with 3 blankets on top of him, his "blankie", and a pillow, at the very least). But he was sleeping and the tantrum was over. Finally.

The downside to this is that this early bedtime means that he's probably going to be up and ready to go before 7am tomorrow. Hopefully he'll at least be in a better mood then.

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