Still the Same

I have always thought that, as she gets older, Annabelle doesn't really look much like she did when she was a baby (while Corgan looks just like a larger version of his baby-self). Tonight I've been going through her baby pictures (trying to edit down all of the duplicates, blurs, etc.) and I'm once again watching her grow up before my eyes. I still think that she doesn't look much like she did as a baby, but I am noticing some things that are exactly the same as when she was a baby. First, her crying face... it looks JUST THE SAME then as it does now. Second, her sleeping face... she looks JUST THE SAME. Third, her concentrating face... even when she was just 4 months old and was discovering the baby gyms for the first time, she still did the same open-mouthed thing with her eyebrows all turned in just like she does to this day! It's crazy that you can learn that so darn early! Fourth, her smirk... JUST THE SAME too. :) I'm going to have to try to get picture of all of those things now to compare them to then (I'm thinking the sleeping one is going to be the hardest to do... then again, she is a VERY deep sleeper)!

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Rhiannon said...

That is exactly what I found this summer when I was catching up on my scrapbooking! Ty was always a very serious baby and he still has that same serious/concentrating look today!