That's One Way To Get It Done...

Since Corgan's 3rd birthday (on Sunday), I have been working with him on peeing in the potty. He seems to genuinely want to do it, but just doesn't get how to go while he's sitting there. I really believe he is trying too hard (as evidenced in Figure 1).

Figure 1: Corgan's "trying to pee on the potty" face.

He didn't really try at all yesterday, but he did try a bunch of times on Sunday, Monday, and a little on Tuesday. I talked to his teacher about it the other day, and she told me that if he wanted to wear them, I should go ahead and send him to school in underpants instead of diapers. Yesterday, he didn't want to. Today he did. So he wore his "big boy underpants" to school, and I sent in about 5 more pairs of underpants, 2 more pairs of shorts, and an extra shirt (he had on crocs, so I didn't have to send extra shoes). Apparently he did the same thing at school that he does at home (which is telling you right AFTER he pees in his pants and not being able to pee on the potty). He still wanted to keep putting on new pairs of underpants though. So, when I picked him up, he was in underpants.

After school, we went out for some shopping before heading home. Before going into the store, I asked him if I could put a pull-up on him, but he didn't want to . So I let him be a big boy. Anyway, we're shopping away and Annabelle announces that she had to use the bathroom, so the 3 of us were off to the bathroom. Since we were in there anyway, I had Corgan sit on the potty after Annabelle was done. He sat there for a little while doing the same thing he always does (which is NOTHING) until... someone else in the bathroom had just finished washing her hands and was using the crazy-loud intense hand dryer. It was SO loud that Corgan (while on the potty) put his hands over his ears and yelled out of fear. At the same time, he began peeing in the potty! As soon as he realized that he was peeing, he stopped and couldn't do it again! That hand dryer had literally scared the piss out of him!

Regardless of the reason, we did lots of praising for Corgan's success hoping that something would have clicked. But nope, not 5 minutes later he peed his pants in the shopping cart. Sigh.


LynnMach said...

thanks for the laugh.
sorry for all your sighs and hard work though :)

Rhiannon said...

That is pretty funny! Not for you at the moment but I am sure you will laugh at it soon! I hope he gets the hang of it soon. Ty was past 3 1/2 before he was potty trained during the day. Night time we just got down by the time he turned 4.