Horsey Camp

The kids both attended their first Horse Camp this week, and to say that they both loved it is an understatement! They both rocked on the horses and even enjoyed helping out with cleaning and feeding the horses! I knew Annabelle would love it, but I was pretty pessimistic about what Corgan's participation level would be. From day 1, he really did great though!

Annabelle's favorite part was "posting" because that's when she got to go the fastest. She's always been all about speed! She really loved trotting! I had a hard time explaining to her later in the week that her sore leg muscles were a good thing because it meant that she was working out (from the posting). She just wasn't understanding how pain could be good, and she kept wanting me to give her medicine to get rid of the pain. :) Here's my favorite picture of her on a horse:

Corgan's favorite part was riding "Star Pony" because that's where he got to do the dare-devil tricks like standing up on the horse (they do this to learn to balance really well on the horses)! From the very beginning he had no fear (but he did still respect the danger of it), and even did so well that Annabelle was getting jealous and kept wanting another turn to try again so that she could do what he was doing! Here's my favorite picture of him on a horse:

Funny story about Corgan... on Thursday night, I was laying in my bed on my side. Corgan came up behind me, jumped up on the bed, then proceeded to stand up on my hip and stuck his arms out to the side just like he's doing in the picture above! Apparently he's really diggin' that balancing thing! I've also had to stop him from attempting to do that on the back of our sofa! What a boy!

More photos of our week at "Horsey Camp" (as the kids called it) can be found here! Enjoy!

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