Thoughtful Bellee

Today on the way home from Ft. Lauderdale, Annabelle ate her snack and threw the wrapper on the floor of my van...

Me: Did you just throw that on the floor?
Annabelle: Yes.
Me: Do you think that goes there? I don't want my car to be a mess!
Annabelle: But your car IS a mess, Mommy. (She's very right, it is a mess!)
Me: You're right. It is. But look down and tell me what you see down there. Are those my shoes?
Annabelle: No.
Me: Are those my food wrappers?
Annabelle: No.
Me: Are those my toys?
Annabelle: No. (and before I had a chance to ask another question she said...) I have an idea, Mommy. When we get home, we can help you to pick up all of our things so that your car won't be a mess!
Me: (SURPRISED!) I would LOVE that, Annabelle. Thank you!

And they did!

Later on when I thanked her for the great idea, she told me "If we all clean up together, then one person doesn't have to do it all!" I asked her if she heard that from Papa (who said countless times as we were growing up "If we all pick up a little, Mommy doesn't have to do it all!"). She said that she didn't hear it from anyone, but somehow I seriously doubt that. Regardless, I'm totally impressed that she suggested that all on her own! She really is such a thoughtful little girl!

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