Corgan's Reading Skills

Corgan was just sitting next to me looking at a flash card with the word "cold" in all lower case. He doesn't know the sounds yet, so he was really just looking at the letters and identifying them. Also, he doesn't know lowercase letters yet, so he was just guessing based on what it looked like. When I taught the kids their letters, each letter was also associated with a word, which was usually a persons name (like "D for Daddy" or "A for Annabelle"). For some reason, Corgan was reading "cold" backwards, so he said "P for Papa" (for the lower case "d"), then "One for nobody" (for the lower case "l"), then "Zero for nobody" (for the lower case "o"), and finally "C for yesbody" (instead of "C for Corgan"). :) Silly boy!

And, unrelated, but another silly Corgan story from earlier today... I asked Corgan "Do you have poopies? Tell me yes or no!" And he smiled slyly, then said "Yes or no!" Smarty Pants!

Finally, for your viewing enjoyment, a picture of my little Heartbreaker!

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