Our Little Parrot

This happened about a month or so ago, but I want to record it to make sure we don't forget this story. Also, I'm telling this story from the pieces that I was able to put together from Keith's version and Annabelle's version of the story since I wasn't there.

Annabelle and Keith were playing Super Mario for the Wii. Rescuing Princess Peach had become an obsession in our house. Keith and Annabelle were in the middle of trying some complete some level, blah, blah, blah, and...

Annabelle: Sh*t!
Keith: What?
A: Sh*t!
K: What?
A: Sh*t!
K: What?
A: Sh*t!
K: Why did you say that?
A: Because that's what you say when you fall off the edge (on Super Mario).



Rhiannon said...

Lol! Ty dropped the f bomb a few weeks ago! We give him alternative words he is allowed to say like freaking, darnit, shoot. No using the grownup words until he is older, he says "When I am 30??", sure babe, you can cuss when you are 30! lol They are too funny! Then if I say darnit for something, he says "no mommy, you say damnit!" lol

stacy said...

haha...landon is quite the parrot himself!