Annabelle Funnies

Today, out of the blue (while we were both totally dressed and walking into the mall to go to a party), Annabelle asked another question about nipples. This time it was "Mommy, those little circles on your boobies are called marbles?" I laughed then corrected her. Then later on, after the party was over, we were chillin' at home and decided to make some supermodelquins of ourselves. One of the options is to add freckles. We made Annabelle's first, and I said she didn't have freckles so she didn't need to put them on hers. Then as she was making mine she asked "Do you have nipples so I can put them on your face?" It took me a second to realize that she meant freckles. It's funny how many times she's either mistaken "nipple" for another word or mistaken another word for nipples. Do most 4 year olds know what nipples are? :S

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