Monsters and Ghosts and Spiders (Oh My!)

A couple of weeks ago, Nikki and I came up with the idea to make some fun Halloween treats with the kids for them to bring to school to share with their classmates. We've had such a busy few weeks, that this week we finally got to do it. We (mostly Nikki) bought (or scrounged up) all of the ingredients and materials for some fun little brownie spiders and witch hats. The spiders were Nikki's idea and the witch hats were something I dreamed up.

So... Monday morning and afternoon, Nikki spent some time cooking nearly 50 brownie bites using her new brownie pops mold. She brought them, the other materials, dinner, and her kids over on Monday evening. The daddies came to eat too, then we got started on our treats. We tried to get the girls to help us, and they did for a little while, but they quickly lost interest. I guess it was the combination of doing the same thing over and over again 20 times, hearing the daddies playing on the Wii, and the long waiting periods of bordom in between their "jobs" that made them decide that they were "done helping". Annabelle and Halle both came back to the table to help a couple of times, but that didn't last long. So, Nikki and I were left to make the treats.

The spiders turned out absolutely adorable, but my witch's hats... no so much. I used cookie icing to make the ribbon and buckle around the base of the hat, and that wasn't such a great idea. It was too runny and just went all over the place. The only good thing about it was that it made it look like the kids really did make them. :) While I was waiting for the witch's hats to dry, I started playing with some of the extra brownies to see what else I could make. I had a bunch of leftover eyeballs, tons of orange (runny) icing, quite a few cookies, and time, so I made a monster, a ghost, and an owl. I made a couple more, but then got back to helping Nikki with the spiders. We finished up the spiders, put them on the creative spiderweb paper that Nik made, then called it a night. As I was cleaning up, I decided that I really didn't like the witch's hats but I really liked my little monsters and ghosts, so I used the few undecorated brownies that we had left and made more of the monsters and ghosts. They were so easy to do, and I've got a thing for orange and green monsters right now anyway, so I loved them and had fun decorating them. :)

Here's a couple of pictures to demonstrate one of the times that Annabelle came back to "help". She helped Nikki with putting icing on the brownie to glue the brownie to the cookie for the witch's hat. So... here she is helping...

And, seconds later, here she is noticing that something exciting just happened on Mario Baseball.

Immediately after that last picture, she once again proclaimed that she was done.

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Nikki said...

I LOVE the way your monsters, ghosts and owl came out!