Pump It Up with Sydney

Last week we went to Pump It Up with Corgan's school girlfriend, Sydney. As a double-bonus, Grammy & Papa came too! It's crazy that the kids were all big enough to go on everything all by themselves without needing assistance. Of course, this doesn't mean they didn't ask for us to go too sometimes anyway. Pump It Up during the school year is awesome because we pretty much have the whole thing to ourselves (and sometimes we really do)! It's great!

One of the funniest pictures that I got during this visit is this picture of Sydney:

During this visit, I was just telling Sydney's mom, Emily, about the crazy picture that I got of Annabelle playing at Pump It Up when she was about Sydney's age (see below). She was jumping so gravity did some crazy stuff to her face, and gave me an idea of what she might look like when she's 80. While Sydney's picture isn't quite as extreme as Belle's was, it's funny that I was just telling her about that and managed to end up with a similar picture of Sydney in the same trip! Also, looking back at Annabelle's picture, she really was within about a month of Sydney's current age. Crazy!

In case you didn't see it or have forgotten Belle's "old lady" picture, here it is:
All of the pictures from our day of Pump It Up with Sydney (with a Grammy & Papa bonus) are up on our photo gallery.


Nikki said...

That picture of Annabelle should go down in history as the least flattering picture ever. Cracks me up every time!

Emily said...

Wow! That is so weird, it reminds me of the "ben button" posters with brad pitt. What a funny shot... and thanks for snagging one of Sydney too!

Nicole said...

That picture is crazy!!! All she needs is a string of pearls around her neck, although the pony tail (pig tails?) kind of throws it off. Regardless, awesome!

the JK said...

I am so scared of that picture.