Boring People

As I've mentioned before, Annabelle is very competitive. She's also tends to complain when someone else doesn't like to do the same thing that she does. We've been trying to stress to her that people need to be different and have different things that they're good at and like because if everyone was the same, then we'd all be boring. So...

Just now we were watching Yo Gabba Gabba and they had twins in the transition segment where the kids dance around. She said "Hey! They're the same so they're boring."

Sigh. Another lesson that we need to teach her. Why do people have to be so complicated? :) Oh yeah, so that we won't be boring!

P.S. I did explain to her that although they looked the same, the twin girls were very different and had different things that they liked to do, so they really aren't boring.

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