Not Turnal

Because of discussions and books that we've read, Annabelle has known about nocturnal animals for a while. They're learning about forest animals this week at school, so I'm sure nocturnal animals have been discussed and are on her mind.

Today while we were driving to gymnastics after school, we were talking about the owl craft that she made and here's our conversation:

Belle: Mommy, owls are nocturnal.
Mommy: That's right!
Belle: That means they are awake at night.
Mommy: That's right!
Belle: We're turnal.
Mommy: Huh?
Belle: Turnal means you're awake during the day. But if you're awake at night, you're not turnal.

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Christina said...

I LOVE all three of the last posts. Those stories are hillarious! She is going to love looking back and reading these one day.