Belle's Nightmares

Last night Belle came down with a fever very suddenly (no, it's not swine flu... It's the same thing that Corgan just had and got over very quickly) so she went to bed very easily and fell asleep very quickly as soon as we got home from an outing to the mall. She was OUT!

Around 4:30 am she woke up and we found her sitting at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway crying. She said she had thrown up, but I think it was more drooling than anything (none of the other kids with this virus have thrown up, and there was hardly anything there). She was really upset! She kept saying that the bugs were getting her. There weren't any bugs though. When we had come home from the mall last night, a bunch of bugs came in the front door with us, so I guess that's why she dreamt about that. But then it got worse.

She said she wanted to come sleep with us. Since she wasn't feeling well and had just woken up clearly disturbed from a nightmare, of course I said yes. As we were walking toward the bedroom, she stopped me at the door and said "What is that line?" with fear in her voice. I didn't see a "line". I turned on the light for her, and she continued into the room. I brought her into my bed and left her with Keith while I went to get her some water, fever medicine, and her blankie. When I got back, she was sitting up in bed, pointing at the bathroom, and talking to Keith about seeing someone looking in the window in the bathroom. Then she started talking like someone was actually inside of the bathroom. She said "Why is that guy peeking out at me?" Keith and I both said that we didn't see anyone. She pointed and kept saying "He's right there." She said something about him walking past the door. Then she said "He's going up to the window [in the bathroom]." At this point she wasn't acting like she was scared as much as she was frustrated that we didn't see "him". We kept explaining to her that she was just seeing the plant in the window. She still insisted that someone was in there, so I told her I would go in and turn the light on. She was scared for me to do that, and honestly I was kinda scared at that point because she was so adamant about seeing someone in there! I went in and turned the light on, showed her the plant (from her seat on the bed), and decided to go ahead and use the toilet while I was in there. She got all freaked out that I had disappeared since she couldn't see me from the bed when I was on the toilet. When I got back in the bed, we told her she was safe, I turned on the security system to show her that no one could get in our house, and we turned on the tv to distract her and provide a little light. We also got her new pjs to wear because she kept insisting that bugs were biting her inside her footie pjs.

After watching a couple of shows, she went back to sleep and seems to have slept off most of her virus. She hasn't even had any medicine yet today, and seems to be feeling just fine now. She's still a little warm, but just like with Corgan, no eating issues or anything so I think she'll be 100% before we know it!


Angelle said...

That is so so strange. I would have been completely freaked out to check the bathroom after she insisted there was someone in there.

stacy said...

that's kinda crazy. you never know though...not to freak you out...??? hope she's feeling better

Anonymous said... apparently I've seen too much Medium because immediately I thought you had a ghost :) I hope she feels better...I bet that was scary!

Nikki said...

I would've been freaked out too. Glad there really wasn't someone in the bathroom!

Nicole said...

Poor baby! But I was scared for you walking into the bathroom, too!