The Big Family Disney Trip- Epcot

Last Thursday was our Big Epcot day. The kids were pumped to be starting the day with a ride on the Monorail. At Epcot, we visited the character section to see more of the same characters that we saw the night before… this time not in chef’s attire though. We actually got better pictures at this than at the dinner the night before. I LOVE Corgan's face in this picture as the girls so excitedly hug Pluto:

For lunch on Thursday, we had another character meal. This time it was Princess Storybook Dining in “Norway”. The timing actually worked out great because Corgan fell asleep on the walk (well, stroller ride for him) to the restaurant so we didn’t have to worry about him freaking out each time a Princess visited the table… plus we actually got some cute pictures of him with the Princesses. It was pretty adorable because the princesses had their own clever comments about him…
Snow White said “Awe… look… it’s my little friend Sleepy!”

Sleeping Beauty said “Looks like you have your own Sleeping Beauty!”

And Cinderella commented on keeping my little prince up after midnight.

Those princesses sure are quick thinkers. :)

The girls were really adorable with the princesses! They were both really good about getting their autographs and smiled really big for their pictures. Kelson even got the princesses to sign the bottoms of some of her character toys that she plays with all of the time. I love this picture of the girls with Aurora (which is how she signed the books) and of Annabelle with Cinderella.

We went on rides including Ellen's Energy Ride (with the big dinosaurs), Soarin', The Seas with Nemo, a boat ride through Mexico, Test Track, and the Figment ride. We did NOT ride Mission: Space! Our Epcot favorites were Nemo and the Test Track. Because we had such a fun filled day, Annabelle didn’t get a nap and was asleep in the stroller before we even left the park. She slept through the monorail ride to the car, the car ride home, and didn’t even wake up until the next morning!

Enjoy all of the pictures of our day at Epcot on our photo gallery!

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