The Big Family Disney Trip- Magic Kingdom

Our Friday at Magic Kingdom started off with meeting a couple more Disney characters and taking some pictures with the famous Cinderella's Castle. We spent the majority of the morning enjoying classic attractions in Fantasyland like Dumbo, Peter Pan, and It’s a Small World, and the newer attraction, Philharmagic.

Grammy and Corgan loving flying high with Dumbo:

Kelson loving "It's a Small World":

We caught a Main Street parade which featured lots of the characters, then took in the Country Bear Jamboree, which I haven’t seen since I was a kid. Although I was bored by the bears, Corgan really liked it so it was worth seeing them. :) We rode the Haunted Mansion. Annabelle actually got a little freaked out in this one because of the dark parts. Keith and Annabelle did the Stitch ride, but she wasn’t a fan (I’m told Stitch has stinky breath). We also went to Tomorrowland to do the Monsters Inc show. I was surprised, but Annabelle was getting into the show so much that she was raising her hand and yelling “Florida” over and over again when the Monster asked where everyone was from. I’m sure she would have clammed up if the mic had actually been put in her face, but it was really cute to see her excited about the possibility of attention like that because it’s so outside of her personality. Uncle Jason did actually get picked on to be a part of the show so everyone was excited about that. Even though I’ve been to it before, I think the Monsters Inc show is one of my new favorites.

Annabelle on her favorite ride at all of the parks:

We ended up calling it a semi-early day at Magic Kingdom because we had a long night ahead of us. We had our tickets for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween that night, so we headed to our respective Disney homes to get naps for the kids and get them into their costumes.

Kelson and Annabelle were both adorable little Minnie Mouse characters and Corgan had a last second costume change and ended up wearing his Spiderman pjs. The kids were all excited about trick-or-treating at Disney and about getting to see the park at night. Kelson really got into the character dance parties, and even got Annabelle to join in a little. The highlight of the night had to be the kids discovering their love of Goofy’s Barnstormer. The girls went on it 3 times, but Corgan had enough after two rides. I’m sure the girls would have just kept on going if we would have let them. If you’ve never been on the Barnstormer, it’s actually pretty crazy for a small kids’ roller coaster. We were comparing it to a miniature version of Thunder Mountain, but our little thrill-seekers loved it! We finished the night with a wet ride of Splash Mountain. One of the big benefits of paying for the extra “Halloween” hours was the fact that we could pretty much walk right on to every ride. It was great!

Enjoy more pictures of our day at Magic Kingdom and our night at Mickey's Not-So_Scary Halloween.


Angelle said...

You have inspired me. I am starting to plan a Disney trip for April when the girls are off school. I really think they would love it now and Leah can go on all those rides like Annabelle. Love that you guys are having SO much fun!

megAstar said...

I love the Monsters, Inc. show! It's so cute. Glad you enjoyed Not-So-Scary...I love the parade and seeing all the families in costume!