What Sandwich?

Today I sent lunches to school with the kids so that I could get a little extra Mommy time this morning. When I went in to pick up Corgan after lunch, the teacher handed me his daily report. As I was walking out of the building I read that it said that he "ate half his sandwich, and all of his macaroni, banana, and goldfish." The lady at the front desk asked if he had eaten all of his macaroni (because I'd commented about wondering if he'd eat it all when I left it with her in the morning), and I told her that apparently he did... but he also ate a sandwich and I didn't even send him one! :) She apologized, and I said I didn't mind that he'd eaten it, I just wanted to know what kind it was because we've been trying to get him to eat sandwiches at home for a LONG time and he has yet to even try one! She said she'd check with the teacher for me.

Corgan and I headed over to pick Annabelle up from her class, and before I knew it, the front desk lady came over and told me that Corgan had eaten a grilled cheese sandwich. I laughed and told her that Papa desperately tried to get one every time he saw one so it was funny that it was grilled cheese. She joked that since it was one of those frozen sandwiches, maybe we just need to try cutting it in a circle and stamping it around the edges. :)


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Angelle said...

My kids will eat an ENTIRE turkey sub from Subway or Jersey Mike's but will NOT eat a turkey sandwich at home. Go figure!