DJ Friends Rock!

Corgan's Birthday this year was all about Yo Gabba Gabba! He had a YGG party with Cousin Kelson (who also just turned 2) in Madison, Alabama (my hometown) when we were there visiting earlier in August, then he had another YGG birthday party on his actual birthday at his home in Melbourne when we got back. There were a lot of similarities between the two parties, but at the same time each party had something special to make it unique. Regardless, each party was a blast!

I'm still in the process of getting all of the pictures uploaded and ready from both parties, but I have managed to get the pictures of the Decorating Details of the Melbourne party up. Even though I didn't get around to making everything on my list, I'm still happy with how it turned out and no one else will even know what was missing anyway! :)

So... before heading to my kodakgallery site to check out the pictures of the Melbourne party details, tell me... who do you think makes the best DJ Lance Rock? :) I love that we have friends who will happily make fools of themselves for the sake of fun!

P.S. Thank you to Nikki for taking just about all of the pictures that I will be posting from Corgan's Melbourne birthday party! :)


Angelle said...

The decorations/food were AMAZING! You and I would make QUITE a team doing children's birthday parties.

Nikki said...

Seriously, the decorating details couldn't have been any better! You should send those pictures to HGTV or one of the kids magazines and see if they'll publish a story about your YGG home-made themed party!

I think Corgan makes, by far, the best DJ Lance Rock, but if you asked who makes the best Austin Powers Lance Rock, hands down it's Kyle. :)

Kathy said... know my kids are getting old when I have no idea what Yo Yo Gabba Gabba is and no idea who is DJ Lance :) Even though I don't know the show...the party looked awesome! Keri and Nikki are both so...creative and artistic! My poor kids are deprived with my lack of artistic talent :(

Corgan of course is the cutest, but Felipe cracks me up :)