All About Annabelle

The other day Annabelle brought home a book that they made at school called "All About Annabelle".

The cover was designed by Annabelle. She chose to decorate it with a bunch of the letter "A" (for Annabelle, of course).

The first page is her hands tracing.

The second page is her feet tracing.

And the final page is a bunch of "fill in the blank" statements that I assume the teacher asked Annabelle and filled in for her. Here's what it says (with Annabelle's "fill in" in italics):

My name is Annabelle Donald.
I am 3 years old.
I have yellow hair.
I have some black and brown eyes.
My favorite book is Dinosaur book.
My favorite color is pink.
My favorite movie is Neverending Story.
I am special because I love my mommy and daddy!

Now you know everything there is to know about Annabelle. :)

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