Mother/Daughter Pedi

While Daddy and Corgan napped today, I took Annabelle for our first mother/daughter pedicure. :) I have been wanting/needing one for like 6 months and have always thought it would be fun to take Annabelle, so today we did! Because of her little legs, Annabelle couldn't do the foot bath, but she did get her feet sprayed clean, her nails clipped and filed, and her toes and fingers painted. She loved getting to go pick out her color from the hundreds that they had to choose from! During the whole thing, she asked SO MANY questions. "Why is your water blue?" "Why are there bubbles?" "Why are there more bubbles?" "Why are there less bubbles?" "What's that pink stuff?" "What's that blue stuff?" "Why's she pushing your cuticles?" (asked after "What is she doing?") The lady doing my toes kept smiling and laughing at her. It was so freakin' cute!

Here's Annabelle anxiously awaiting her pedicure!

Mommy and Belle enjoying being girls!

Annabelle's fancy finger and toes! She just picked out the pink, but her nail tech got all fancy and added the white decorations. She liked them because she said they reminded her of Daddy's favorite birds. :)

I didn't get "fancy nails", just a plain ole fall color. I had to explain to Annabelle a few times why I didn't want to have "fancy" nails like she had. :)

It feels oh-so-good to have fresh feet and toenails, and it was even better that I got to do it all while having a fun afternoon bonding with my daughter!

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