Stylin' 2 Year Old

With his Uncle Kyle being able to pull off pink so well, and Corgan looking so much like his Uncle Kyle, I have been in search of a pink shirt for Corgan forever! This week, I FINALLY found one. And doesn't he look absolutely ADORABLE in it! My little man wears pink well!

And while we're on the subject of how stylin' Corgan is, a few weeks ago he seemed to have outgrown all of his shoes. He went from size 5 to 7 in seriously like 2 weeks! The up side of that is that I had an excuse to go out and buy new shoes for him. One of my personal favorites of his new pairs of shoes are these bright orange adidas! I LOVE them!


Angelle said...

He is a cutie. LOVE the pink shirt!

Nikki said...

It's hard to tell if its the pink shirt that looks so good on him, or just HIM in that picture! What a great picture.

I love the orange Addidas too! I love that color orange.