Young BFFs

Driving home from the gym this afternoon, Annabelle said "I miss Halle so much, Mommy." I answered, "Awe, you just saw her 2 hours ago." She said "I know, but I love her and I miss her anyway."

Belle and Halle are SO cute together lately. They're such BFFs!


Nikki said...

They so are! And it's SO cute!

Apparently every morning when Jason drops Halle off at school, Trent Riley is waiting at the slide for Halle. As soon as he sees her, he starts calling her name. Annabelle realizes Halle is here too and runs to Trent first (because she's faster).. then Annabelle goes down the slide, then Halle, then Trent. (Jason says this happens every day). Trent told Halle recently that she was his best friend. So this morning we were all running late and I was excited to see this in action (except we were so late they were already inside by then). :( Anyway on the way there I was like, "Halle we have to hurry. Trent is waiting for you! Don't you want to play with Trent?" And she said, "Silly, Mommy. I don't want to play with Trent. I want to play with ANNABELLE!" :)

Poor Trent Riley. His BFF is already spoken for. :)

Kelly Albert said...

What a cute story! That's so cool that they get along so well. Your mommies have done a wonderful job! Now Corgan and Halle's little sister have to become buddies so they don't feel left out ;)

Angelle said...

That Trent story Nikki told is SO cute. BFFs!