Pumpin' It Up

The adjustment to Daylight Savings Time has not been going so well in my house, so I thought today I'd tackle it head on with a late afternoon trip to Pump It Up to get the kids all worn out for the night. I told Nikki about our planned trip, and the Konicki girls joined us too.

It's been quite a while since we went to Pump It Up (maybe last summer?), so it was a slightly different experience from a few perspectives. First, Annabelle doesn't need help with ANYTHING anymore. She's so independent and was just zipping through all of the "pumped up" playthings. Halle was right behind her too! They were SOO cute! Halle was a little timid about the slide at first and likes to go down slides on someone's lap anyway, so Halle kept going down the slide on Annabelle's lap. It was so precious! Next, it was different for Corgan because he wanted to get onto everything too. Last time we went, I don't think he was even walking. This time he LOVED the slide and after going on it a few times he was even climbing up the ladder/steps on his own (with me right behind him, of course). He also had a blast on the obstacle course. He needed help climbing their version of the rock wall, but he tried and did pretty good for an 18 month old. Annabelle was such a good big sister and would go ahead of him and try to help pull him over the hills and stuff. They're so great together! And last, it was a new experience for me because I weigh like 25-30 pounds less and am actually in shape, so I didn't get physically worn out at all and I could easily fit through the obstacle course. :) Previously, I'd go through a couple of times and couldn't do it anymore. Or I'd climb up and go down the slide a couple of times, and I'd have to rest. But not anymore. :) One of my reasons for doing the Biggest Loser contest was "To keep up with my kids", and I think our busy 90 minutes (minus the few minute that we were late) proved that I can check that off my list too!


memento said...

That's all great news!
btw, I am really curious about the pictures of the barn! renovation - sounds like you're really getting there too?

Angelle said...

This same thing happened to us at Monkey Joe's a couple of months ago. Erin is now ALL about the inflatables. And Leah is not scared of any of them now. It is so awesome to watch them grow into little people.

ljkolumbus said...

Fun times!! Wish we could be there to see them! Guess we can put that on the list of things for Papa and Grammy to do with them while we're there with them!! Course we won't be able to go through the 'course' like their slim trim Mommy!