The Annabelle Dictionary

In general, verbally Annabelle seems to be pretty easy for most people to understand. She still has those few things that she says that anyone who doesn’t interact with her regularly might not understand. So… I present… The Annabelle Dictionary…

Fumrie (noun): Marie, the Aristocat. Annabelle’s favorite stuffed animal in the world. Although she can pronounce “Marie” correctly now if you ask her to repeat it, “fumrie” is how she said it when she was first learning to talk, so that name has stuck. And I think it’s freakin’ cute, so I’m not about to try to get her to say it correctly.

Milk soup (noun): The milk that’s left over after all of the cereal has been eaten. Annabelle loves to slirp milk soup. She drinks it off of the spoon, just like soup.

Pink blankie (noun): A pink blankie that is fuzzy on one side and velvety on the other, with satin lining around the outside. She got this blankie from GAK (Great Aunt Kim) and Olivia before she was born, and it has become her “must have” blanket for sleeping, cuddling, and traveling.

Erica blankie (noun): The quilt that Erica made for Annabelle. It is hot pink, grass green, and has a cow pattern. It couldn’t be more perfectly Annabelle!

"Long time ago" (phrase?): She hasn’t done something for a long time and wants to do it now. She might say "We didn't ride bikes for long time ago." which mean "We haven't ridden bikes for a while, so I'd like to ride bikes now." :)

“I drink your cheetoes!” (phrase): Annabelle’s comedic take on the “I drink your milkshake” skit from Saturday Night Live. She started out saying “I drink your milkshake”, but one day substituted “cheetoes” for “milkshake” and when she saw how many laughs it got out of us, she kept it up.

“I love you up to Dod!” (phrase): Explaining how much she loves you… all the way up to God. She pronounces her “g” as “d”.

I think I'm going to really miss it when she speaks correctly.


Anonymous said...

Yea, don't mess with that stuff! It is so...sad when they no longer say things incorrectly...I miss it :) However, Shelby still calls her friend Lily "Willy" because that's how Lily pronounces it...we thought it was a little boy friends until we went to her b-day party...too cute :)


Angelle said...

I love the little kid things they say. Leah is outgrowing almost all of them. Thank goodness Erin is starting so we have little kid language. I think "long time ago" is my favorite.