The Best Valentine's Date Ever!

Last weekend Keith surprised me with the best Valentine’s Day ever!

I’m not a good person to surprise because I like to be in control, so I’m not easy to surprise… even when I know that I’m being surprised. Earlier in the week, I asked Keith about making reservations for Valentine’s dinner since my mom is in town and we actually have a babysitter for a date night. After a little bit, he called me and was hinting about doing something other than going to dinner. I was getting a little frustrated because I was really looking forward to a childless dinner out. Over the next couple of days, Keith tried to convince me that a restaurantless dinner would be good, but I kept complaining that I wanted to leave the house and didn’t want to have to clean up before or after dinner on Valentine’s. I reluctantly agreed to do whatever he was planning and only knew that A. We weren’t going to a restaurant. B. We would be leaving the house. C. Keith would be cooking. and D. I wouldn’t be cleaning up.

So… Valentine’s night came and I was presented with a “Map O’ Love” with a sketch of where I was to be at 7pm. Keith left about an hour before me, so I got ready (with a little clothing advice from my mom, who knew the plans) and headed out there just a few minutes late. :)

I followed the “Map O’ Love” and ended up calling Keith because I thought I was going the wrong way. He gave me a little more directional information, and I was there before I knew it. “There” was a very small parking lot of a semi-private beach, so I parked next to Keith’s car and walked out to find him assuming he’d be on the beach. I spotted Keith sitting a little ways away by the light of two tiki torches. As I got closer, I saw that he had a bonfire ready to start and a big box that said “LIVE TROPICAL FISH”. He gave me the tour of our date location for the night and let me know that we would be boiling live lobsters via our beach bonfire. He brought everything that we needed for the most delicious dinner ever, including marshmallows! Together we worked on getting the fire going… which was a lot harder than either of us thought. We eventually got it going enough to put the grill grate and pot of water on it and had it boiling before we knew it. The lobsters were live, but frozen and packaged in this small net along with some potatoes and cobs of corn. We plopped the lobster package into the boiling water and counted down the minutes until we could taste it. While we waited for it to cook, we broke out the marshmallows and also got the garlic butter melting.

The lobster was seriously the best I’ve ever tasted! Since they were live lobsters, we had the experience of picking the whole lobster apart. Keith brought the tools (a hammer and pliers from our garage) and even printed out directions on how to dismantle the lobster, so we immediately went to town on the lobsters. It was MMMMMMMMMMMMMM good! Even the potatoes and corn were super yummy!

We had planned on going to see Friday the 13th after dinner (Keith even pre-bought the tickets), but between the fire taking so long to get going and enjoying the perfect Florida night on the beach, we opted to postpone the movie part of the date. Super props to Keith for the most wonderful, awesomest, Valentine’s date ever! Heck, I’d say it was the best date ever- period! If your husband or boyfriend needs some advice on how to really woo you and make you feel special, relaxed, and totally in love… send him to talk to my amazing hubby!



LynnMach said...

that sounds way better than a restaurant. you are a lucky woman :)

Angelle said...

That is amazing! Sounds like our husbands sprang from the same creativity pool. So glad you had a fun night. You deserved it after all of your hard GC work!

PS MY WV word is ovulatio. Is that Latin for ovulate? Is it trying to tell me something?

Halle said...

Ah! I've been meaning to ask you how this went. All Jason found out from Keith was that "it went well." Sounds like it went better than that! :) I'm very impressed that Keith planned that awesome evening, and pulled it off so well. Congratulations on such a wonderful Valentine's Day, date night and thoughtful husband. :)

Nicole4FLDU said...

Awh - yeah for keith pulling that off! We need to go to my parent's home sometime and get $5 each lobsters from the lobstermen at the wharf, and woof down on multi lobsters... and beah (beer in Boston-eese)...

Scott and Dalana Zech said...

Don't you love it when they think outside of the box