Corgan's First Haircut

Corgan got his first haircut today! I had a feeling it wouldn't go as well for him as it did with Annabelle, but as much as I love blonde curls, it just wasn't working for him and was starting to have too much "party in the back." So, after a failed attempt on Saturday (they closed too early... or we arrived too late... take your pick), I tried again today after school. As soon as I sat Corgan down in the haircutting chair, the waterworks came!

He cried the WHOLE time, lollipop in hand. Fortunately a buzz cut is an easy one, so all of his squirming and screaming didn't seem to phase the lady cutting his hair. About 8 minutes after the screaming began, the haircut was finished, and he still pouted for a while, but eventually started eating his lollipop and brightened back up again.

Before brightening back up:

After brightening up:

I sure do love my handsome little man, who now has the same haircut that I used to make fun of my brother for while calling him Sinead O'Connor. :)

More photos of the big event, including before pictures of his curls, are on our photo gallery. And while you're there, check out the pictures from our trip to the zoo after the haircut.


Angelle said...

Erin is not nearly as accommodating as Leah was either. At least you were able to get it done. :)

Christina said...

My kids are the opposite. Kaitlyn is MUCH more accomodating. Corgan looks adorable!!!

ljkolumbus said...

I immediately started thinking about how you teased Kyle when he was little when Kelly told me she saw Corgan's haircut on your photo site. He does look so cute and I know I will love rubbing my hand on that cute buzzed head - like I used to do with little Kyle! He's so cute!!! can't wait to see you all!