BFFs Through the Years

Since they were tiny, I've periodically taken pictures of Annabelle and Halle in Belle's green rocking chair. It's hard to believe they're so big already!

Halle & Annabelle- 5 months old

Halle & Annabelle- 11 months old

Halle & Annabelle- 22 months old

Halle & Annabelle- 37 months old

I wonder how long we'll be able to fit the two of them in that chair together. :)


Scott and Dalana Zech said...

They are so cute. Do they always were the same colors?

Keri Donald said...

Haha... not really. If they aren't already dressed matching for the picture, we usually find something in Annabelle's closet to match whatever Halle's wearing. :)

megAstar said...

This is so sweet. Someday I want my kid to have a built in BFF too!