Big Girl Belle

Today I realized how to age your toddler in just 15 minutes... cut her hair!

After her gymnastics class today, I took Annabelle to get her first full haircut. Her hair has been pretty unruly for a while, and I've been wanting to get it cut, but I had decided to wait until after Halloween since she needed a pony tail on top of her head for her Halloween costume. She did SO well, and I think it looks ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! The pink hair even enhances the adorableness of it! It really does look like she aged a couple of years in just the few minutes that it took to cut her hair.

The place that I took her to get the haircut specializes in kids' cuts. I think she would have done fine at a regular hair cutting place, but this place really wasn't any more expensive and it had all of the bells and whistles that make a kid happy. They even had a special little pink satchel for me to keep her cut hair in, gave us a card to commemorate the day, and they have a little machine that they have the kid put a little piece of his/her cut hair into, put a special card into, and poof... out pops a prize. It was really very cute, and a fun experience. I never actually cried, but I definitely had a few weepy moments once I saw how grown up Belle looks with her new hair. I'm so happy with how it all went and with the resulting hairdo!

One final note, I love that since Belle's hair is pink right now, the hair that I save from her first haircut will forever be pink too. So appropriate for my little rockstar pink-lovin' princess!

More pictures of the big haircutting event are on our photo gallery.


Angelle said...

Holy cow, look at that hair. I LOVE it! She looks adorable like that.

ljkolumbus said...

Oh how cute! Can't wait to see the whole Pinky outfit!!