Happy Halloween!

We've had a fun Halloween month so far. Between celebrating with our "Hive" friends in early October, attending Hope's Annual Halloween Haunt (which I didn't really dress up for for the first time in the 10 years that I've been attending), visiting 2 different pumpkin patches, decorating pumpkins, making Halloween cards, and Trunk-or-Treat at Belle's school last night, it's already been a busy Halloween season. We're heading to the Konickis' tonight to do the official trick-or-treating. The girls had lots of fun last year, and I'm sure this year will be even better. Corgan will be coming along this time, and he'll have Ethan to help him even out the testosterone level. I'm looking forward to all of the excitement!

Below are my favorite individual pictures of the kids from this year's pumpkin' patchin'. We went to the first one last week when Annabelle was home sick from school and it was still a bit warm out. She liked dressing up for pictures. We went to the second one with Halle and Elena a couple of days ago when it was a little cooler. The kids had a blast chasing after each other and Ms. Nikki all over the patch. Apparently at the 2nd patch, I was so focused on getting pictures of Corgan since I didn't get any outstanding ones at the first patch, that I didn't really get any pictures of anyone else or the fun that they were having. Never fear though, Nikki did. :) See my Pumpkin' Patchin' picture album and I'll post a link to Nikki's action shots pics once they're up too.

Update: Nikki's pumpkin patch pictures are posted here.

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