I was runnin'! (said like Forrest Gump)

I finally did it!  I was able to stay on the treadmill for longer than a mile today. It's been a few weeks since my calf cramping has really bothered me, so I thought I'd give it a try this morning. And I totally kicked boo-tay... right off the bat I ran a 5K in 28:34 (on the treadmill, no incline, no stopping)!  Of course, it tired me out pretty well, but I was so impressed that I was already in shape enough that I could just jump on the treadmill and run a 5K without having been able to make it over 1 consecutive mile for.. well.. years maybe.  It felt good to have the sweat just dripping off of me, yet still feeling strong enough to continually up the speed throughout the 5K!

Since the kids have been sick, I have been mega-busy the entire week, and Keith has been out of town, I haven't really been able to hit the gym much at all this week so I was expecting that today was going to be tough even if I was just doing the elliptical (actually, I was planning to do the box-aerobics class this morning, but I didn't make it in time).  But, once I finished the 5K, I worked out my abs and arms, then jumped back on the treadmill to run another 2 miles in 18:57 (again, without stopping, no incline)!  I'm so proud of myself today, and am looking forward to trying out my endurance on the road (although, I might not want to overdo it with my knee... which is feeling pretty sore right now) and I can't wait to hit a 5K race to see what my time would be so that I can start working toward my goal of completing a 5K in less than 26 minutes!


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Nikki said...

Wow! That's impressive. Great runnin'!

ljkolumbus said...

21 lbs! That't great.. you've relost those "Atkins pounds"!! Now they will stay off :) Welcome home Keith, I know Keri and the kids are glad to have Daddy home again!! and.. How about Alabama!!
Way to go team!! Let me know more about the 'realities' show..
Love you and miss you, Grammy! as Cogan says.. DONE!

Kelly Albert said...

Great job sister! You are still continuing to lose weight and stay in shape- even though the competition is over. I envy you :) Great job! Love you sis. Keep it up.

Angelle said...

That is crazy fast!!! I cannot run consistently under 10 min miles, which puts me at over 30 min for a 5k no matter what. All that elliptical time has turned you into a kick-ass cardio girl. You HAVE to do the tri with us!!!