Is It Really Only Wednesday?

Since 7am on Monday, I have:
  • Gone to a vendor to purchase new window screens (that should've come with the new windows in the first place if the freakin' contractor had just asked for them)
  • Met with an A/C guy
  • Met with a drywall guy
  • Met with a plumber
  • Met with the ADT (security) guy
  • Met with our inspector
  • Met with insulation guy
  • Talked with a lawyer
  • Talked with a vendor and paid a lien
  • Talked with a painter
  • Talked with the handyman/finisher
  • Met with the FPL tree guy
  • Taken care of 2 feverish children
  • Cleaned up Corgan's puke
  • Taken Annabelle to school twice
  • Taken the kids for pictures and to pick out a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch
  • Had my car washed
  • Changed the cat litter
  • Lost and looked for one of my diamond earrings (no luck... still lost)
  • Scheduled to meet with the landscape designer
  • Gone to the gym (thanks to "Cole"!) once, but had to miss my box-ametrics class Monday since Belle was sick
  • Gone for a 8.8 mile bike ride to the post office with both kids
  • Scraped the crap out of my left foot on a piece of metal -- TWICE! (which also means putting medicine on it and keeping bandaids on it)
  • Bought fresh produce at the Produce Place
  • Addressed, stamped, returned labeled, stuffed, and mailed Corgan's 1 year cards (yes, on his 14 month birthday... 2 months late)
  • Updated my address book
  • Helped Annabelle to make a bunch of Halloween cards for family
  • Shopped for carve-able fake pumpkins
  • Went to Target
  • Carved 3 mini-pumpkins
  • Helped Belle decorate (with foam stickers) 5 mini-pumpkins
  • Avoided our General Contractor
  • Rescheduled tonight's box-ametrics class
  • Tried to get all of my papers and notes organized (still in progress)
  • Researched intercom and security systems
  • Researched insulation options
  • Washed dishes
  • Done two of five "Bio-Clean" treatments in the kitchen sink (in attempt to get rid of the drain flies)
  • Pulled up LARGE tree-like weeds from the garage side of the front yard (I didn't even try to tackle the back where they are over 7 ft tall)
  • Received news that my great Aunt passed away yesterday :(
  • Planned an improptu high school reunion over the winter holidays via facebook
  • Programmed our new keypad deadbolts (garage and house)
Also, Keith has been out of town since Monday afternoon.  Sigh.  No wonder I'm tired!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you had the energy/time to type all that! I got tired reading it :) Hang in there!


the JK said...

And you think running 8 mile sounds exhausting?!!

Angelle said...

I have never quite seen a list like that one. You are ridiculous!

Kelly Albert said...

So this week is different how from last week :) Seems like you are always on the go when I talk to you :) Way to go Mom/Wife of the year!!! Love you. Maybe think of hiring a nanny??? Once your house is done this will eliminate a lot of this... bless your heart.

ljkolumbus said...

You are amazing! I loved talking with you and Belle and Corgan last night and can't wait to be there to help! Love you.. Grammy & Papa

Nicole4FLDU said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt. I could Annabelle off your hands and take her to 'meet' Bambi in SC this w/e... heh!